Elliot Mast and young kid from local hospital.

How do you start your day?

Wake up, wash my face and brush my teeth!  Grab a good breakfast to fuel my day… Tackle homework.

What quotation influenced your life?

I have a couple of quotes that influences me daily.

  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13
  • Bigger, Faster, Stronger!
  • When you look into your future, what do you see? Be confident in all that you do no matter what!
  • Work hard everyday. Give your best. Someone you don’t even know is rooting for you. You never know who you are inspiring.

How did you start your career?

It all started in my high chair when I was a baby. I liked to throw things. I also played tee-ball and that led to little league and my love for baseball.

What was a defining moment of your life?

I would say when I was born with a club foot. It caused an imbalance that could have been a negative. Instead I used it as a positive. After Children’s fixed it and gave me the ok to follow my passion and dream of baseball I used baseball to give back to the hospital that helped me. I would also say that a defining moment was when I realized that I won the homerun derby in Little League as a 10 year old. It showed that I could do anything no matter my age, no matter, my size and no matter who I am.. I can do it.  I can make a difference.

What inspires you daily?

God! Him First. I am inspired by the kids at Children’s Hospital, I am also inspired by my family and some close friends.

What was the hardest day of your life?

This day has not happened yet. One day at a time.

How do you pass through stressful situations?

I don’t get stressed often but usually talk with parents, 1 really close bro –Zach Stroh, pray and try to understand WHY I’m stressed. Baseball is mental and you need to be mentally tough and not think about what others think of you and not think about that last mistake you made. It is all about focus and heart.

What people influenced you the most?

My parents, A Couple Close Friends. A Few MLB Players. People who are compassionate and who care about others.. People who work hard and make no excuses.

What is the best book that you have ever read?

“The Baseball Hall of Fame Collection: Celebrating the Greatest Players of All Time Through Rare Objects, Documents and Photos”

Favorite Movie? 

Remember The Titans, The Sandlot, and Rocky. I like Castaway too and anything with Liam Neeson.

Best advice you would give someone?

Chase for what you want and don’t let anything or anyone get in the way. Anything can happen if you put your mind to it! You’ll always have haters and people trying to distract you from your goals but this is when you ask yourself how bad do I want this? Never Ever Give Up On Your Dream!

Best advice you would give your younger self?

I would probably work harder in grade school, and probably getting stronger at a younger age, working on more fundamentals of the game. I would also tell myself to ignore negative people on my journey. Remember this quote: “There will be haters, doubters, non-believers, and then there will be YOU, proving them wrong.


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