During last 2 years a name spiked higher than anyone would ever think of. This name is Conor McGregor – top contender for Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight title. I am not writing here just rumors but real data results – according to google trends for example (below):

conor mcgregor google trends


It’s been like 2 years for McGregor in UFC and he managed to dethrone from long time superstar Urijah Faber in analytics to even the champion of the featherweight devision – Jose Aldo. Click here: Conor McGregor on Google Trends to see full comparison.

What can we learn from McGregor?

Speak up your mind. Be the next hero for someone – start local – start with your surroundings. What Conor did is he became the hero for his Irish nation and not only. He broke the boring the silence of the UFC featherweight division. People follow him, people get inspired by him – why? because he is a real life hero. We miss heroic personalities – every single day. Everyone around is only complaining, I cannot do this, I cannot do that – nobody is talking positive. Economic crisis, end of the world, wars, ufo’s and all this is depressing and brings nothing than bad thoughts and bad mood.

Thank you McGregor for being who your are

For all critics out there, think for a minute if there was nobody in featherweight division – who else we would be talking about? Jose has been the champion for far too long, it’s getting boring and not interesting seeing same guy winning over and over again. It’s the same as knowing the end of each movie you are watching.

McGregor came, has made a name for himself, backs up each word he says. He is the real deal and I really thank him for being who he is and having bulloc%s to be so. If I would be an Irish, I would be proud of myself.

4 weeks until the big day

I hope strongly that McGregor does everything correctly and won’t f%ck this up. Talk the talk, but still Jose Also is one hard opponent. In featherweight division – we can compare Jose Aldo to Anderson Silva – that dominated his division for a long time.

Whatever the result, the marketing behind this match up was beyond great. In my opinion even greater than Pacquiao vs Mayweather that happened earlier this year. If the same energy was on Pacman vs Mayweather Jr. I believe that the numbers for that fight wouldv been 100X bigger.

Here is the trailer of the upcoming fight: