How stupid it is to state: I come from a dump place with dumB people.

Yes it is really stupid to say something like this. Besides the fact that it makes you look cheap, it also makes you look unqualified.

I doesn’t matter where your roots come from, what matters is how you speak about them. Don’t be stupid about your home country. Even if it is small, or big, or with problems.

“But life is rough there” someone would say – who cares what the life is in your home country? If it’s rough then learn that “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.

I admire Russians, even with all their problems they still love their country. Where I come from (Moldova – between Romania and Ukraine) there are less problems than in Russia, but damn people here hate it. It’s amazing how much and how often they complaint about everything. The most interesting part is that foreigners that visit it – love it and talk highly about it – how come strangers see the beauty in it and the natives don’t see it? Here are several resources that talk highly about it: Source 1, Source 2.

Judging your home country is same as judging your own parents.

What if your parents would be in trouble, what would you do? Do nothing about it? Surely you would help them. Same applies when your country is in trouble, you don’t judge it but help it.

Or would ever go to a job interview and say: “I finished a stupid business school, where stupid teachers teach nothing.” In one million years you would never say something like this at a job interview. Never market yourself like that, don’t be stupid. Same applies when you talk about your home country: “Hello, damn my home country is such a stupid place with such a stupid population and so many problems”. Really? Would you really say that. People would most likely laugh at you – how come you are still alive and even talk a foreign language?

Nobody cares about Your problems.

You were small in your home country, you had trouble, you starved to death – nobody cares. If you are so tough and such a big person – prove it in action.

If the country you were raised in is not for you (even if doctors there helped your mother when you came to life, even if you learned to speak and walk there, go to school there, go to kinder-garden and even make your first steps on home soil) since you are some special golden human then you are day dreaming. I would suggest to go in the bathroom and take a cold shower and wake up.

Your home country is not the reason you have no success

Most likely you will immigrate and still complaint. You are called a cry baby, a baby that cries. Adults don’t cry, look positively into the future and feel great that you came from a rough country – more experience never hurts.

utopia doesn’t exist, it’s a communist fairy tale that there is heaven on earth

There is no heaven on earth. Problems will never end in East or Middle East. Israeli will always fight Palestinians, Russians will never stop fighting Americans – but with all these problems people still continue to live in Israeli or in Russia. And continue to love their home countries and live their lives. If its not about bad government, then there are big taxes, if not for big taxes than there is crime – each countries has its good and bad things. The nuclear plant that blew in Japan didn’t stop Japanese to return back home.

Be a patriot and stop being a cry baby,

From Moldova with Love, Violina

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