Become the best and share it

Each day research, write and share content that will motivate you to live a healthier and more spiritual rich life. Only after helping each other pass through difficult times, we will have healthier and stronger societies. If you win in something, that win is a small seed for a brighter future for all of us.

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Grow and don’t stop

What was difficult and impossible yesterday – will be brighter and easy tomorrow. “Learn, Evolve and Grow” – never stop, never say never! Read, perform, complete – change yourself – really change your mindset, you are not your yesterday, you are new and today.

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Strong mind and body

Thomas Jefferson, Neil Armstrong, Nelson Mandela or even Alexander the Great were not big in stature. But their minds were strong, their spirit was strong. On the other pole we have strongest humans in our descendants, the vikings – that with one fist could stop a bull. Or gladiators, that would fight for hours without getting stop. Humans with incredible bodies. This are all examples we should learn from, how they lived, how they performed, and take those experiences into our daily lives – to improve ourselves and become the best ever. This process is called simple – Get Stronger Daily.

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Improve step by step

The pyramids were not build in one day. It took for all our mothers to raise us – 9 months! Then 18 years to raise us. We kept improving for all these years. Some of us stopped believing in our ability to evolve, to grow and to be awesome. Forget about this loser mentality, look at the world with a fresh pair of eyes. Breath deep, it is ok to be human, we were never designed to be perfect.

Is strong equal to fun?

Fun is not something bad, it is necessary – but in a limited amount. Without fun, it would be all be black, white and boring. Work hard – play hard. And if you still don’t agree, google “Richard Branson Fun” (an entrepreneur  with an net worth close to 5 billion dollars) and tell me why fun would not hold the hand of strong and successful.

The road to greatness is lead by you only

Each day, improve, improve, improve. To accomplish something big, first start small. Win small battles, in small things you do daily. Do this faster, do that better – competition will make you the best, no matter what age, nationality or color. You will be the strongest, smartest and wealthiest – but only you can do it, no matter how much you read or research or try. Only your two hands and your smart head can accomplish it.

Get your courage, intelligence and health to the next level.

Image: Bruce Lee statue on the Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong by ORAZ Studio, on Flickr